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Do you remember the commercials from a while ago that had the catchy jingle:

When you got Libby's, Libby's, Libby's on the label, label, label you got goodness, goodness, goodness on the table, table, table.

Yep! Now you're stuck. You remember it don't you?

The commercials were usually for things like canned corn or green beans or such. Libby's also makes canned pumpkin. Most people forget this except around this time of year when they decide, if they are adventurous, to make pumpkin pie, instead of just purchase one. I'm not really into making pumpkin pie. It's good and all, just not my favorite. I like something that I remember my mother making. Pumpkin Bread. Oh yeah. 

So it's the time of the year when pumpkins come out to play and are more likely to be on the menu in a desert fashion than at any other time of the year. I was grocery shopping a week or so ago. I wanted Pumpkin Bread. I would have settled for muffins even. I found some pre-made. They just didn't have the right color, a little too light to be real pumpkiny. I decided I would make pumpkin bread myself. I bought my can of Libby's, Libby's, Libby's and headed home only to discover I did not have a copy of the recipe for the beloved pumpkin bread. Mind you, I've not made it since I moved out of my parents home. That has been many years.

I asked, or mentioned the need for this recipe to my mother a few times. She suggested checking the back of the label. It wasn't what I wanted. So I went online. Thank heavens and whoever else for the internet. Fortunately Libby's has a lovely website listed that takes you to a place full of recipes. I looked up pumpkin bread and got 4 pages of recipes. I found one that looked easy and close to what I think my mother used. I had to go out for things so while I was out I got the rest of the ingredients that I didn't already have. I came home and in amongs many other things. I made Pumpkin Bread. 

It smells like it's supposed to. The batter tasted like it's supposed to. Remember licking the bowl after the batter was in the pan? I baked it. It makes my place smell so good. Oh yeah. I got it out of the pan still warm. I had to cut it. Oh my.

That certainly satisfies that need for good ol' Pumpkin Bread. I don't even need the Pumpkin Pie. I'm good for the holidays now.

I'm off to spoil my dinner with another piece of bread and my iced tea.



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